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Life Skills

Emotional and mental abilities

As we grow from children into adults we establish skills. It’s easy to understand how we build physical skills and a lot of attention is paid to these, yet we also establish emotional skills that often remain unnoticed.

The majority of these behaviours enable us to cope well with life yet some habitual way of thinking block our progress from developing our lives in the way we would like. Old beliefs hold us back and emotional responses we used as children are unhelpful in our adult lives and need to be updated. This is true irrespective of age.

We also often find that we’ve missed out on learning some skills, perhaps our parents didn’t have these skills themselves or maybe we were overprotected or even neglected as children. Examining our life skills can reveal that we lack some basics and need some help in understanding and establishing new skills.

As I work with clients we set up ‘tools’ that can be used to gain a different perspective when faced with challenging situations. We also look at individual ineffective strategies which have been built over time, and how to modify and change these habits of behaviour so they become more effective for us.