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Depression is an overwhelming, persistent and debilitating state of mind.  

Feeling that there is no point to anything, no enjoyment of life. Feeling empty and lost as if being unable to find a direction. 

It is a self-feeding condition. The more these feelings take hold, the worse the sufferer feels and the more the feelings intensify. Breaking this cycle of self reinforcing the original state of mind is one of the main factors in correcting the overwhelming feelings and allowing some relief.

There is no one cause of depression. It can often be a combination of events, experience and circumstances. Sometimes unresolved issues or trauma from childhood experiences can set the debilitating contributory factors in place. Then a life changing event, such as an illness or bereavement can exacerbate these earlier feelings and cause depression. It can feel as if the world is seen in shades of grey and even the simplest of tasks become enormously difficult to manage.

By working with a client and understanding the way depression is experienced gives insight and begins to build the opportunities to do things differently. Discussing how thoughts are formulated further builds on this work, and simple tasks and exercises are put in place to reinforce progress and connect a client to their own resources.

As these changes begin to take effect in day to day experience the self depreciating cycle is broken and a new cycle of building on positive anticipation and outcome is established. This is quite a gentle process, always at the client’s own pace.

As the client begins to feel stronger, both in themselves and their ability to contribute to their recovery, the underlying causes can be explored and resolved