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It can be daunting to take the first steps towards therapy, yet actually experiencing therapy is much more straightforward than is generally imagined. Rather than being about unlocking unpleasant memories from the past it is more about discovering how to use the mind more effectively. Learning how to let go of unwanted behaviours, thoughts and habits and instead have more effective ways of managing Life.

How Can I Help?

I am a mutli skilled therapist with many years experience of helping people to help themselves. I work both nationally and internationally. Offering one to one sessions and group workshops.

Too often therapy identifies the problem yet does little in offering solutions. I utilise practical mind based strategies that can offer short term relief while I work with clients at a deeper level to change underlying beliefs and behaviours that are problematic. My areas of specialisation include anxiety and depression, challenging life circumstances such as bereavement, divorce and retirement, performance enhancement and lifestyle management. I also work with psychosomatic illnesses.    









My areas of specialism

Anger  Anger is about feeling out of control and wanting to gain the control back.

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Anxiety – Anxiety is about the fear of the unknown. Imagining the worst that can happen. Catastrophizing situations and events. 

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Depression – Depression is an overwhelming, persistent and debilitating state of mind.  

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Life Skills  Emotional and mental abilities

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Psychosomatic Illness  The mind creating a physical response to an unrecognised mental or emotional stress. 


Life Changing...

I read somewhere “the hardest struggle we have is with ourselves” I believe this to be true… We are all different, and will struggle with different things, I was struggling with anxiety & panic attacks…but this is the beauty of Alexis’s work, we are all different but how our brains work and process information is the same…what Alexis does is not hocus pocus, it’s based on logic. Yes it’s a bit scary at first, but it has quite literally been life changing and for something of such magnitude, very slight & natural. Life is short, don’t be scared, be comfortable with yourself (Alexis will help with this), move on & have fun…it is entirely achievable as I am proof.


I now realise I am a fantastic mum

When I first went to see Alexis I was very upset and sad, I felt I wasn’t a good mum to my 2 year old son. Carrying this thought around with me was just heartbreaking. I was very upset about him crying, temper tantrums, not settling at night or napping during the day. I was in his bedroom every night for hours trying to make him sleep. I felt like my son didn’t eat much and I was very uptight about this too. With a lot of emotional sessions and hard work going through things Alexis made me realise that I am a very good mummy. I had got very uptight on getting things “right” rather than just having fun and letting things go. In time I realised that most things were not as important as I had made them and just to relax and enjoy being a mum. I learned how to let my boy sleep when he wanted to, on his own. As I have relaxed at mealtimes my son now sits and eats his meals. I now realise I am a fantastic mum. I have relaxed and I enjoy being a mum. I no longer feel the absolute frustration several times a day, to the point where I was hurting myself. Those feelings have gone. I enjoy being a mum and I think my husband would say I’m nicer to live with too! As always thank you Alexis, I really don’t know where I would be without you.


Helped me to resolve my many childhood issues

In my first session I was gripped with fear, anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness of the future. I felt my life was bleak and in a very dark place. I had no hope of happiness or positivity for the future. In each session you gave me illustrative examples to manage my fear and anxiety. The therapy you provided helped me to resolve my many childhood issues by helping me put things into perspective. The little girl who was frightened, burdened with many difficult issues for many, many years learnt through your intervention to handle them by giving me various exercises and tools to deal with recurrences of any uncomfortable feelings. A simple thing like crossing a wide road which caused me anxiety is no longer fearful to me, however, when I do get the occasional panicky feeling I use the tools you gave me to overcome it. I am very thankful to you for putting my mental and emotional life back in a better place.


I am now in control of my OCD

At about 18 I was put on antidepressants for anxiety and low mood, having been told I would probably need to stay on them for a long time. After several years I started to suffer with OCD. OCD is a funny thing it feels like it feeds on you, the more you ignore it the worst it gets. After a while I realised I needed help. My doctor at the time changed my medication and suggested CBT. After a while I realised this was not actually helping, if anything I felt worse. A friend recommended Alexis to me, well what more can I say, other than thank you! Alexis has helped me learn how to control my OCD, or as we like to call them, behaviours. After a short time of seeing Alexis I felt huge improvements and now after a couple of years I am now off antidepressants and have been for a year now. I am also in CONTROL of my OCD. Alexis helped me learn ways to deal with OCD, using different strategies which we built in over time. We would concentrate on certain areas, attacking one bit at a time and now I use them for lots of different things. My behaviours will never completely go but they do not control what I do. I know how to manage them. Alexis has helped me find strategies which work best for me and I could not recommend Alexis enough.


Positive pregnancy test

My husband and I were trying for a baby but it wasn’t working out for us. This resulted in me getting very stressed which wasn’t helping, so I thought Alexis could help me with this. After only two appointments we were over the moon to get a positive pregnancy test. This was amazing and everything changed from there, just shows how powerful the mind is! I continued to see Alexis after this and although I thought she had already worked her magic I didn’t know I still had so much more to learn from her. I spent another 6 months having regular appointments learning amazingly useful life skills. She found and talked through things in my past I didn’t even know were bothering me and helped me to see things in my everyday life in a much better way. I am so glad I made that first appointment and started my journey with her, I was unsure because I’d never done anything like it before. I would highly recommend Alexis, she has made a massive positive change to my life.


Thanks for all your help


When I first came to see you I really didn’t like myself, I was angry about things that had happened in my past and blamed anything going wrong on the past. I was a comfort eater and this made me feel worse. I was generally an unhappy and sometimes rude person and I didn’t like the way I was. I took out my unhappiness on the people closest to me. I also had trust issues. I saw everything as black and white. There was no grey. I would be angry a lot of the time. I didn’t know how to say no at work and was generally really down and felt like everything was getting on top of me.


I am a stronger person in general and I think about myself more rather than pleasing everyone else. I will say no at work. I have joined a fitness programme focusing on women’s health and am really enjoying it. I’ve lost 24lbs and feel so much better. I have reduced my anti-depressants and am about to reduce again and hope to be completely off of the medication soon.

I could probably go on for a lot longer however this gives a good indication of the change in me and the way I think.

Thanks for all your help.


If you would like to be in touch with me please email, call or text. Or send me a message via my contact page.

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